Ricky Jefferson
Washtenaw County Commissioner 6th District

Michael White is my choice for District 5, because he has the character to be an accountable and an effective voice who will work along side this Board of Commissioners, which has been working to utilize resources that help create opportunities for the well being of all our residents.

He will listen to residents concerns, with a focus on guiding our decisions to be connected to the good of all County citizens, inclusive of the people living in Eastern Washtenaw.

Brenda Stumbo
Ypsilanti Township Supervisor

"Michael White is an excellent choice for the 5th District County Commissioner’s race and has my full support. Michael has a passion for job creation and an advocate for job skills training programs that he has brought to our community.  I believe he is a great choice for Ypsilanti Township County Commissioner and I hope you join me in supporting him."


Larry Doe
Ypsilanti Township Treasurer 
"I endorse Michael White with my full support for Washtenaw County Commissioner District 5."


Monica Ross-Williams

Trustee - Ypsilanti Township

"Knowing Michael since 2009, I have worked with him on numerous initiatives including the Eastern Washtenaw Democratic Club in his former position as Outreach Vice-Chair. We worked on initiatives such as ‘Ban The Box’ aimed at removing the check box that asks if applicants have a criminal record from hiring applications along with efforts to improve safety with the expansion of safe pedestrian cross-ways in Ypsilanti Township.

Furthermore, I currently serve with Michael in his role as Chair of the Eastern Washtenaw Democratic Club, in the position of the Club's Treasurer.

It is my sincere belief that Michael’s connections within our community as well as his demonstrated leadership abilities, advances his skill sets necessary to serve our municipality in the role of County Commissioner for District 5."

Stan Eldridge
Trustee - Ypsilanti Township
"Having known Michael for several years, I believe he is the right person to now serve as the Washtenaw County Commissioner for the 5th District and he has my full support.  Michael has served his community in a variety of ways through the years, he has shown great passion and respect for others while always conducting himself with professionalism and integrity.  For these reasons and many more, I support Michael and would ask you to join me in electing Michael White as our next County Commissioner!  

Jimmie Wilson Jr.
Trustee - Ypsilanti Township
"I endorse Michael White with my full support for Washtenaw County Commissioner District 5."

Doug Winters
Ypsilanti Township Attorney

I am proud to support the candidacy of Michael White for County Commissioner!! Michael is a man of great integrity and will represent all the residents of the 5th District to make sure we receive our fair share of services that as county taxpayers we deserve! Join me in electing Michael White as our next County Commissioner!!!

Dr. James Hawkins
Superintendent of Ypsilanti Schools - Retired

"As a School Superintendent, I was passionate about the education of our children, the welfare of our district, and the collaboration of the community. Michael shares that same genuine care, compassion, and concern and that is why I am endorsing him for County Commissioner."

Brenda McKinney
Treasurer - Superior Township

"I'm endorsing Michael White for Washtenaw County Commissioner District 5. I have known and worked with Michael for a number of years. I have served on boards and projects with him and have come to know and respect his character and integrity. I believe he has the best interests of all people who live in the community and I feel he is the best candidate to serve Ypsilanti and Augusta Township."

Lisa Lewis
Trustee - Superior Township

"I endorse Michael White with my full support for Washtenaw County Commissioner District 5."

Anthony Morgan 

Ypsilanti City Council

I am supporting Michael White for County Commissioner because I believe he has the best opportunity to offset the deliberate strategic policy disparities between the EAST and West side of Washtenaw County. I strongly feel that his voice and perspective will resonate fairness, compassion, and eagerness more than any other candidate in this race.


Rodrick Green

Washtenaw County Road Commissioner

"I endorse Michael White with my full support for Washtenaw County Commissioner District 5."

Bishop Dwight E. Walls, Sr.

Pastor of Greater Shiloh Church of God in Christ - Ypsilanti, MI

As a pastor within Washtenaw County, I am selective of who I endorse for political leadership, carefully choosing those that will put their best foot forward for our community.  I support Michael White, Democrat for County Commissioner 5th District seat, who has demonstrated his effort to work for working families and job security within Washtenaw County and the State of Michigan.  He is willing to fight for change at both the local and state levels of government.


Michael White has served in many capacities that qualify him to address issues of concern such as poverty, housing, and criminal & economic justice reform. I wholeheartedly support and endorse Michael White, who is inspired to create opportunities for change within our community in which we live in. In doing so, we will have better homes, better schools, better communities, and better businesses for a better world.

Simone Lightfoot

Ann Arbor School Board Trustee

"I endorse Michael White with my full support for Washtenaw County Commissioner District 5."

Dr. Ronald C. Woods J.D. 

Emeritus Professor and Community Leader 

Eastern Michigan University

"I endorse Michael White with my full support for Washtenaw County Commissioner District 5."


Dr. Nora Martin Ph.D

Emeritus Professor and Community Leader 

Eastern Michigan University

I would like to add that Micheal White is a trustworthy gentleman who will ALWAYS put the interest of his constituents First!! He is intelligent and caring.

I recommend him wholeheartedly for Washtenaw County Commissioner District 5.

William Muhammad

Vice President

UAW 892

With the upcoming elections fast approaching, I find myself in deep thoughts about what tomorrow may bring and who will be the one to take our communities and county to the next level. Who has the Youth in mind, the Seniors at heart and the Middle Class on their list of top priorities?

There are many looking to sit in this seat and many that believe this is their calling.  But being from the mindset that ACTION speaks louder then words, and your past should show in your future; there is only one on the ticket for County Commissioner that in my opinion fits into that role.


For me this role fits like an old pair of shoes. Within this role, I strongly feel that our county will grow on so many levels especially with youth, knowing first hand that he already has plans and programs in motion.



Major General William A. Henderson (Ret.)

Commander, Michigan Air National Guard

Michigan Aviation Hall of Fame inducted May 19, 2012

I am writing to recommend and support Michael White in his campaign for County Commissioner. I have known Michael for several years and know him as a focused, committed and qualified individual that brings energy and enthusiasm in his efforts to achieve and serve others. He has a unique ability to communicate and will represent his constituents in a professional, fair and effective manner. 


William Henderson

Major General [Ret.]

Gail Wolkoff

Community Activist -Ypsilanti

I support Michael White for Washtenaw County Commissioner. Michael is an advocate for educational equity, voting rights, and economic opportunity. I appreciate Michael’s willingness to gain first hand experiences within our community. Michael seeks out new ideas and different perspectives, considers possible outcomes and develops reasonable positions. Michael walks his talk.  

Greg Harden

Executive Associate Director of Athletics 

University of Michigan 

Michael White has demonstrated a consistent commitment to lead this community with integrity and with clarity about the needs and demands we face in the coming days. 


I have witnessed his willingness to give tirelessly as a servant leader who is unselfish and unwavering in fighting for the rights of others.


He has the capacity and competence to work with corporate leaders and those labeled less fortunate. 


Hence, it is without question or pause that I trust and believe in  Michael White and his being perfectly suited to serve in the role of County Commissioner. 

Henry (Hank) McQueen

Economic Development Corp of The City of Ann Arbor

Vote Right...Vote for Mike

I want to urge voters for the upcoming election to cast their ballot for Michael White.

Michael has been concerned about improving the community and support the improvements of the neighborhoods, schools, housing, transportation, and finding employment for each and every one including our friends and relatives who have been arrested or served time in our detention centers.

Michael is a man who is ready to serve you. He is a man of proven ability in the community, while working with support groups, when he was in the military, and in his long professional career.

For years Michael has demonstrated his ability to attack difficult problems while resolving them through collaboration with numerous groups and others who did not share the same interest.

Michael continues to demonstrate his ability and strengthens as he completes his Ph.D (Doctorate Degree) while working full time. 

Michael will make the best County Commissioner for your community.

Vote for Michael...The Right Man

Hank McQueen.jpg
John E. Lawrence

Professional Guitarist/Composer and Recording Artist


"I am endorsing Michael White for County Commissioner  because, I have known him for years and he has proven himself to be an upright, sincere  and honest man. I believe that he will work hard and do a great job."


My Name is John E. Lawrence and I approve this message.

Rev. Maymette Dolberry
Ypsilanti Community Leader

I'm endorsing Michael White for Washtenaw County Commissioner District 5. I believe he has the best interests of all people who live in the community. 

Pastor Larry Davis

Ypsilanti Community Leader

Hello Ypsilanti township our election is coming up in August and you will sell yourself short if you do not elect Michael White for county commissioner. I believe that he is the right choice. My vote is with him.

Tad Wysor

Local Faith and Labor Community Organizer


I've come to believe two things about my neighbors here in eastern Washtenaw: 


First, that things have become way too hard for way too many hard-working families --  white, black, and brown.  But at the same time, I've seen that when we push back against the forces that tell us to blame each other, and instead come together in new ways as the smart, caring, grown-up people we know we are, we start winning a better life for everyone, not just a few. 

Second, I believe that Michael White gets this, and will be a real ally as we all work together to make sure government works for every single Washtenaw County resident. 

Pastor Michael C. Robinson

Ypsilanti Community Leader

Author of: "My Father's Blood"

I support Michael White because his Integrity is Impeccable. He has a Wealth of Wisdom and he’s an awesome Leader. I can see him being the Governor of Michigan some day because of the Knowledge he has inquired on the Political issues that we face in our Community on an everyday basis. Michael White I don’t just need you to be the Commissioner of Ypsilanti Township, but the entire County needs you.

Jonathan M. Wynne MA., M.B.A., M.Ed.

Author/Education Consultant

Community Leader

As an educator committed to helping students connect school to the world of work, I am supporting Michael White for County Commissioner. Michael's commitment to helping young adults connect to high tech employment opportunities is the kind of cutting edge leadership we need in our community. I believe Michael White will work hard to help our citizens get the opportunities they deserve.

Monteze O. Morales

Kalamazoo Promise Expert

"Michael is well-known for his commitment to his community and the working class. If you are ready for a leader that will serve the county with an open mind through action and expertise in budgeting and oversight, then Michael White is the candidate for you."

"Please join me in endorsing Michael White for Washtenaw County Commissioner."

Nate Frazier

Community Activist/Talk Show Host - Ypsilanti

Michael White is a qualified candidate for County Commissioner. A man that has a heart for the community. 

Kevin D. Kyles

Entrepreneur and Educator

Michael White is a servant leader and committed to the betterment of the community.  My organizational work with him has shown me that he is dedicated and will do what is in the best interest of the community at large. 

                                        Other Highlighted Endorsements

Pastor Rodrick Green

Washtenaw County Road Commissioner

Simone Lightfoot

Ann Arbor School Board Trustee

Lisa A. Lewis

Superior Township Trustee

Pastor Jerry Hatter MBA.

Ypsilanti Community Leader

Rev. Dr. James E Hendricks

Ypsilanti Community Leader

Jay Melton

Chair, Community For All 

Ypsilanti Community Leader

CEO, SVC Cleaners

Heading 1

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