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"As a community servant, I want to partner with you to speak about the human services you deserve, deliver community service you expect, and work so you achieve and maintain a good quality of life in the county."


  • Increase vocational and technical training in preparation for 2020 and beyond

  • Redefine K-21 educational system to explore today’s employment opportunities

  • Reduce housing costs and foster sustainable affordability

  • Change or remove public policy that serve as barriers for affordable housing

  • Advocate collaboration between the public and private housing sectors to increase ownership

  • Promote crime prevention education for our schools

  • Promote crime prevention education for our homes

  • Promote crime prevention education for our communities

  • Reduce road congestion on Washtenaw Ave and I-94 Ypsi/Ann Arbor corridors

  • Support RTA to make transportation more accessible, applicable, and affordable

  • Reform Michigan Ave and Ecorse Rd. corridors to attract more businesses

  • Utilize existing training programs for scientific, healthcare, and educational service careers

  • Eliminate barriers for equal employment opportunities