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"As a community servant and your next County Commissioner, my role will be to set policy; in other words, pass resolutions to establish policy for your county government. Secondly I will do legislative oversight and peak over the shoulder of our administrators to insure your tax dollars are funding county programs effectively. Next I will listen to your problems and concerns with county agencies, cut out the red tape, and get you service or information you deserve. And as a final point, I will provide you with a balanced budget that is cost effective and focused on the future."


  • Identify strategies that address and alleviate barriers of income inequality.

  • Uncover disparity drivers for communities and leaders to take action and improve health, prosperity, and opportunity.

  • Community conversation that addresses and confronts implicit biases and provide equitable access to opportunities

  • Change or remove public policy that serve as barriers, reduce housing costs, and foster sustainable affordability.

  • Advocate collaboration between the public and private housing sectors to increase ownership.

  • Eliminate homelessness and housing insecurity to increase home equity.

  • Reduction of blight and improvement of quality of life in the neighborhoods.

  • Reduce the highest levels of economic segregation by closing the gaps of disparity and offering initiatives through educational programs

  • Eliminate barriers for equal employment opportunities

  • Establish racial equity and social justice as a core principle in all decisions, policy making, and functions in the community.